Buddhist Temple

6:30am. Saturday Morning. Stirring sensations.

7:00am. Coffee is brewing.

7:30am. Discussing our day.

The morning is a bit sketchy and raining, and I need to convince my husband to quit his surfing day to come on a family adventure with us to find a Buddhist Temple we have never been before.

8:00am. Adventure confirmed. Getting our travel gear together, it’s a bit dreary, but the motivation of the day brings daylight to our families eyes.

8:30am. Lost in Encantada. We drive to the Yoga Center and park. The Center is closed and quite.

We unpack our things, and as I try to convince him this is not the right trail, he wont hear it.

“Get the things and the baby! Lets go!” He says.

So we head up the hill. A 60 degree angle of mess, mud from hell.

It keeps coming, and I just know this is not the right way. We head up the hill. It keeps going, and going and going. Steeper, and steeper mud, complaints, and what.. where is the temple? He says, “Its just around the next corner!” Ok. So we go, and go and go, and go more. Up the hill.

Sweat dripping from my forehead, and a bit of mud so thick on my shoes I could make a handmade brick house! I know this is not the way… but what can you do with a dragon so convinced this the path? You walk with him.

Finally.. at the top of the mountain – we passed. And as beautiful as the sun rays sprayed through the trees…There was still no Buddhist Temple.

I had it with the Dragon and I transformed into a Lion and roared my new directions to the dragon 50 meters before me. I’m done and as I retreated from the mountain, I knew I was right.

I turned back and found peace in my decision.

As we found the bottom, and the Yoga Reception, the path we were searching for came true.

A bit more searching and it was found all together, and a few more souls we met along the way.

And then we made our 360 of the Beautiful Buddhist Temple. So nice.


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Originally from Rancho Palos Verdes, a small suburb of Los Angeles, California,Tammy Baldino, co-owner of Virtual Tours Brasil, moved to Oahu, Hawaii in 1996 to complete her BA in psychology, then moved to Brazil in 1999.

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